Friday, September 11, 2009

Rock Week Friday- Peace Rocks

This photo was part of our original discussion about rocks and earth works. This was on a beach at Olcott, NY. I was taking it from above and couldn't get down on the beach for a better view. I'm all for things like this. This invites others to play, leave their own mark and in the etch-a-sketch area of the beaches it vanishes without a trace. Perfect for temporary artwork. Love the rock stacking in the streams for the same reasons. The pure pleasure of doing it without pretense, no admission fee and think how you feel when you stumble upon someone else's creation. You get that little ahhh and a smile. In a sense creating that warmth and joy that we need so much in lives- just from rocks. The problem of getting older and forgetting how to play is serious. Don't you think more bored meetings should take place in a creek building a dam out of rocks? Or some tense negotiations should be wandering along the shore looking for shells and rocks skipping stones as they go? Wouldn't things just work better? No one really needs to go farther than where they are to do this. I'm guessing there are few places on earth without an abundance of rocks. The Sahara from the looks on TV & the Antarctica but beyond that?? I think were good. We'll just have to spread the word-
Peace Rocks.

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