Monday, August 31, 2009

Inspire me Mondays 10

Sorry I missed 2 weeks of Mondays, one week not so inspired, last week I was on vacation
and met my little special friend. The duck with the owie wing.

I've been to this
particular lake in the past and have never seen a single duck.
This year, 8-10 constant companions and a visiting flock of 8 Canadian Geese.

It was a family vacation- not my side, so it was at least fun.
The best thing for me was the ducks. I've never been so up close or pecked in the butt (thanks to my little friend) by a duck.

One thing I did miss was my sister, naturally I was thinking just like her.
Visit Lucky Danger for pretty much the same photo of milkweed. If it would have had a second pod I would have taken it. We take the same photo often. Makes me laugh.

I've been the duck with the broken wing. Bullied and forced out of the way by the others, never quite fitting in. Spending lots of time alone. I think that's why I liked him best. He would come up and stand on the beach next to me and look up waiting for food.
The innocence in his little ducky eyes.
If I had a farm I would definitely have a lake and ducks.
I'm really not quite sure what to make of this summer of feathers.
I understand the metaphors of flying, of my introduction to higher realms, to death,
to living in two realms. I haven't had the ah-ha moment yet.
Maybe it will turn out to be just another peck on the butt.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays 9

Ken. These are my strudels drawings from the figure drawing class.
He always has a different viewpoint than I do. We have different focuses and aims even though we may be in similar places. Two nights ago in two seperate dreams I dreamed we were singing together and I was harmonizing with him. If only I sounded so good for real. He always can reign me in when I'm buzzing around to much and has a way of cutting through crap and making it very simple. His specialty is coming up with a plan from left field specifically designed to either give me a tick or a headache. He's a master at it. I'd have no other way. Here's to differences, similarities and a whole lot of time spent together and lots more to come.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Laughed My Butt Off

Please check this out Some are awesome, some are in the hall of shame for a good reason. Love it. Love it. When baking creativity runs amuck- sheer delicious poetry. Some of these beauties I wouldn't even get near my mouth. Next vacation you bet I'm taking my camera to the bakery.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays 8

And I wondered what I was going to write about today....
As I was leaving work, I stopped to talk to a friend who just returned from vacation and also pick up something for dinner. As we were talking an older customer in a martcart was driving by and started to drive over my shoe. Wait it gets better..
He stopped the martcart on my shoe.
And then told me it was my fault for being in the way.
Then drove off on his merry way. No apologies, no nothing. Luckily it was just my shoe and not my toes. I was shocked, appalled and turned all 57 shades of red possible.
I am so done with working there.
This is the final quit talking about moving on and taking baby steps,
get your ass in gear and get the hell out.
Yes, I shouldn't have been there at all. And If I was I would have been a customer,
and a mean little one at that- my yellow chakra be damned.
But for now I have to go start painting the escape route.