Thursday, July 2, 2009

I should pay attention to myself more often.

Last weekend I was making these.

I know, what are they?

Supports of a kind. I have a thing for ancient heads, torsos, whatever. You have to carve out the wooden base to cradle the object and make it more stable. I don't like to glue the pieces onto the base, then you can't pick them up and hold them and turn them around. It transforms a broken remnant back into a work of art. The supports were the important part of the weekend. I was feeling very pissy, pooky and out of sorts and in many ways unsupported. I was building for some fragments of clay the very thing I'm looking for. I took a few more days to even out but it helped to realize what I was doing and know I'm looking for more. I am on the right path, I do have friends that will help me. I need to set up more supports and goals for myself and turn myself back into a work of art.

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