Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays 7

I love drawings. I used to fill a sketch book in 2 weeks. But now.. 10 years if I'm lucky.
I've been going to figure drawing on Wednesday evenings to get my whatever back in shape. It's maddening because I used to be able to do this with no effort at all. I've let it rust. I've had to rediscover how to look & how to get that down on paper. The longest poses have been only 20 minutes. These are decent but, not where I want to take them.


  1. YOu will get there darling when your heart frees itself from the burdens of others desires. Allow yourself to connect your brain and hand once again, for this world is waiting for all that you have kept inside for much too long.

  2. I call it getting your mojo back. Practice. Practice includes those things that can help each of us, such as structure, love and esteem. I know your heart is in it.

  3. Very nice work, can't wait to see you in full swing. Your talent is just another piece of your soul, remembering how to blow it wide open is just around the corner.