Monday, March 8, 2010


Things have been changing for me quickly and slowly. I've finally quit whining about needing to paint and have finally started. The first one kind of works for me but it was a struggle to get it there. It has it's problems.(Don't we all.) But it was a good start.

The next one was much better and looks quite like me, without the glasses. These are sort of about migraines but... again much difficulty relearning how to paint. But it's a satisfying challenge. How do you make a shapeless blob of gooey paint look like anything by spreading it around with hair tied to a stick? What a ridiculous skill and yet it's mine.

So it offends me to the highest degree when I'm forced to make "things" for others who think they know better and tell me how to do my job.

I'm on the threshold of reclaiming my skills and more importantly my time to paint.

I'm finishing the third painting and am just about ready to start the fourth.
Stay tuned & wish me luck.

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